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QUAKER ROAD SCHOOL -Community History

  • In 1816, the first Quaker Road School was built on Mr. R. S. Garner's farm.
  • The old log school house was sold for eight dollars when a new school was constructed.
  • In 1862, a new Quaker Road School, costing about $1,000, was completed with benches but without backs on three sides of the room.
  • In 1872, Hiram Goodwillie and George Page proposed improvements, including additional overhead support with one-inch diameter bolts.
  • In 1893, a third school was built using red brick.
  • Attendance increased around 1919, prompting the need for more classrooms.
  • In 1925, the school was remodeled and enlarged at a cost of about $15,000.
  • The school transformed from an agricultural area to an urban one during World War II due to industrial growth and new housing developments.
  • In 1950, ratepayers approved $76,000 for an addition to the school, completed in 1952, including two new classrooms, an auditorium, wider halls, and storage rooms.
  • In 1995, the current Quaker Road School was opened, combining students from Quaker Road School and Lloyd Rice School into one building
  • The current school building includes a cornerstone from the old Quaker Road and Lloyd Rice buildings.